Mills Cemetery

September 1972 Meeting
Dinner on the Ground
Singing and Preaching
A good time was had by all

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Here is a view of the church building with a service in progress.

Open air church building, service in progress

There was singing during the service.  Does anyone know the identity of the man in the red shirt?
Singing during the church service

This is Charles and Norma Bolt, my parents.  Dad is grimancing because he is embarassed to have his picture taken.  Mom doesn't seem to be bothered though.
Charles and Norma Bolt

My grandmother, Floy Stultz, in her good gray Sunday dress.  The edge of Aunt Mary Woodyard can be seen behind her.  The woman and man to the right may (or may not) be (one of) the preachers of the event.
Floy Stultz

My brother, Charles Bolt.  Looks like something urgent has attracted his attention.  Or else he is getting ready to escape the camera person (me).  The boy behind him is probably Jim Dickerson, a neighbor across the valley.
Charles Bolt II

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