Mills Cemetery

September 1972 Meeting
Dinner on the Ground
Singing and Preaching
A good time was had by all

Click on each image for a larger view.

Norma Bolt, leaning against the tree.  Left to right, Marie Stultz, Mary Woodyard and an unknown woman, although she looks familiar.  Does anyone know who she is?

Norma Bolt, Marie Stultz, Mary Woodyard

Albert Staley and an unknown man, discussing the events of the day.
Albert Staley, Unknown Man

Albert Staley, in the white shirt, with some men, enjoying the lovely weather from that distant day.  Yes, Uncle Albert is missing his left arm.  He lost it in a car accident, I think.
A Preacher, Albert Staley

I think this man was one of the preachers that spoke that day.  And his wife.  Do you know who they are?
The Wife and The Preacher

Here is a view from the road above the cemetery.
The image was taken fairly early in the morning judging from the shadow of the tree which stretches to the west. This is the original view.  And below...,
Distant View of the Meeting

... is a closer scan of the same photo, which has more detail.  Well, sorta.
Closer View of the Meeting from the Road

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