Mills Cemetery

September 1972 Meeting
Dinner on the Ground
Singing and Preaching
A good time was had by all

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(Probably,) Jim Dickerson and my brother Charles Bolt II.  They seem to be fascinated by something off to the left.  The singing?

Charles Bolt II and Friend

A group image with Aunt Ella the second from the left. 
Ella Stultz

My aunt Ella Stultz, having lunch.  Seating at these events were scarce and you found a place to sit where you could.
Ella Stultz

This is my grandmother Floy Stultz and Lessie Mills(?).  Lessie is Bonnie Workman Oliver's grandmother.  They seem to be having an interesting discussion.  Does anyone know those fellows in the background?
Floy Stultz and Mable Mills

A group image featuring Floy Stultz in the foreground, some men and my Mom, Norma Bolt in the gold polyester dress on the right.
Floy Stultz

Joann Mills with her sister Joyce and her father John Mills.  A unknown man enters from the left.
Joann, Joyce and John Mills

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