Mills Cemetery

September 1972 Meeting
Dinner on the Ground
Singing and Preaching
A good time was had by all

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Here is Joe Stultz.  Looks like he is being useful, getting some supplies for the dinner.
Joseph Stultz

Bonnie Oliver identified the two ladies as Lessie Mills, her grandmother on the left and Victoria Mills, her great-grandmother, on the right.  I think I knew Victoria as Aunt Vick Mills.  The fellow is still a mystery.
Mable Mills, Mary Woodyard, the Preacher

Norma Bolt with a view of my great-grandmother's house over her head.  The older barn is just to the left of the house and you can see the road down to the cemetery.
Norma Bolt

A group image at table.  Mom is in the gold dress on the right.  Beside her is a old 5 gallon glass jar.  Mom made this dress herself of polyester, when it first was made.
Norma Bolt

Norma Bolt and Marie Stultz working on the dinner preparations.
Norma Bolt, Marie Stultz

Norma Bolt and Marie Stultz resting after dinner.  Another distant view of the Old House.
Norma Bolt, Marie Stultz

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