Mills Cemetery

Church Building Interior

Sam Hughes, Troy Vaughn's nephew-in-law, took these photos in 1974.  The building was seriously deteriorated at that time.   The roof collapsed in a 17 inch snow fall some years after this, about 1978, I think.  Sam's hobby is photography so the photos are very good! 

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This view is up on the hill behind the church on Troy Vaughn's side of the fence.  Note the large elm on the fence line.
                    from behind, up on the hill
This is a shot of the interior, from the left corner beside the pulpit, looking toward the back.  There's a good view of the roof structure and bracing and the rail-road tie seats.  The building was deteriorating by that time.  You can see gaps in the sides of the building.
                  Building Interior 1
Here is a closer view of the back wall and bracing for the roof, and the rail-road tie seats.  One of the ties toward the back had begun to split up.

                  Building Interior 2
View of the pulpit and front wall and entryway.   In the 1972 pictures, you can see the front from the outside.
Church Building Interior 3
This is how the church site looks today.  The view is from up on the hill, which would be behind where the church building was.  Looking toward the cemetery.  You can see my shadow in the right fore-ground.
                  site today

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