Mills Cemetery

September 2007

I got a fun new panorama program and have taken several shots of the cemetery to stitch together.  Here are some of them.  Gives you a "surround-view" look at it.  What do you think?

Cyndi Bolt

Click on each image for a larger view

                    2007 - View from cemetery center toward the gate

From the center of the cemetery, this view looks West toward the front gate and
around and toward the North or back of the cemetery.

Sept07 - View
                    north side of cemetery

Beginning at the North or back and continuing around to the East.

Sept 2007
                    - View toward south and west

Beginning Southeast and looking toward the East (with the camera fighting the
early morning sun) and swings toward theSouth, back near the front gate.

Your cemetery
                    grounds being - Charles Bolt

Dad (Charles Bolt) scouring the grounds for a lost hammer.

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