Mills Cemetery

September 1972 Meeting -
Dinner, Singing, Preaching and Visiting

Does anyone have any pictures they would like to share of meetings from the past? 

This page links to a series of photos I took at the September 1972 meeting.  At least, that is the date on the photos.  This set of photos are the earliest ones I must have ever taken that are in color.  Alas, the color emulsion did not prove the test of time!  I've restored them as well as I could.

I think this was the first meeting the family had had in a long time.  We had annual fall meetings with services and singing and of course Dinner for several years after this one, before they tapered off again.  Maybe we should have another one?

The church building was open at window level on the sides.  There was a small pulpit at the front, with railing.  The seats were railroad-type logs, square cut and supported by rocks at ends and middle to separate them from the ground.  When the meeting was over, kids made a game of racing to and fro, leaping from log to log.

The building must have been built in the 1930's or 1940's and stood until the winter of 197? when a 17 inch snowfall collapsed the roof.  I have some photos of that snowfall if anyone is interested.  My brother Charles heard the church building fall in in the middle of the night.

Cyndi Bolt
Service in the open-air church building

Teaser photo!  Click the photo for a larger version of it.  This picture I took way back in 1972.  Sadly, the color emulsion from back then has not done well over time.  I brightened the shadows a bit so it doesn't look too bad.  Sort of...,

  Below are links to the rest of the photos from that long ago meeting.  If you have some photos from September meetings in the past that you are willing to share, please contact me at the address below.
Meeting 1    Meeting 2   Meeting 3   Meeting 4   Meeting 5

Recently, Sue Hughes, Troy Vaughn's niece, emailed me some photos that her husband Sam took in 1974 of the interior of the building.  They are black and white and stood the "test of time" better than mine.  And he's a better photographer!  Here is a link to the page of his photos:

Sam Hughes' Photos of Church Interior / Exterior

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