Mills Cemetery
From Wayne, WV -
Take Route 37 East, go about 5 miles to an Ashland station
Turn right, go up Petercave Road about 1/2 mile, Turn onto "Edd's Branch"  
Go up about 3/4 mile, to the second old board barn
Turn right, go past the barn on your right, and out to the cemetery

By Cyndi Bolt 

Here are a variety of pictures I took back in the 1970's.  Two pictures are from 1970 and the rest from a massive picture taking session in the fall of 1972.  Good thing I did that! 

These pictures show the Old House (it's official name) that Nancy Rebecca (my great grandmother) lived in.  Of all the buildings, only the Old Barn is still standing and is still in use (hay). 

Click on the pictures for larger views.
This was taken in the pasture across the road from the Old House.  There's a good view of all the buildings, which include, left to right:  down at the bottom, the  Chicken House (we think);  the Smokehouse, which was in real bad shape even then;  the Old House, of course;  and the Old Barn. 
1972 Old House South View
View from the west.  Here's a good shot of the back of the House.  In the log part, this is the bedroom window on the lower floor and the two kitchen windows.  See chimney on the kitchen roof.  That's an old discarded washer, the white spot leaning against the Smokehouse.  You can also see the well box between the Smokehouse and kitchen.  And that's our dog Patch wandering around in the field.  See an old truck that you also see in a shot below behind the well-box.  It's actually on the other side of the stream that ran across under the road (it's still there) and down by the house.
1972 Old House West View
Now you can see more details on the well-box.  There was a large bush of some sort growing to the left of the well-box - I forget what.  Also a good shot of the back porch.  The large tree that is always in the picture was a magnificent weeping willow.
1972 Old House North View
I took a few shots of the interior of the house.  Not many because it was dangerous to go it.  I couldn't get upstairs at all.  This is through the broken glass on the front porch window looking into the interior of the main room.  Shows the fireplace and the north window, which looked out onto the porch.  The wall paper is not in good shape at all...,
1972 Interior of Old House
Yet another shot of the cemetery.  A better shot of the Chicken House, which sat somewhat above the place where the road turns and goes over a little stream (stream runs through a culvert).  There used to be a small spring just above the Chicken House.
1972 Toward Cemetery
More detail here of the Chicken House placement.

The Church Building was getting very ragged also.
1972 Detail Toward Cemetery
Here we see the result when Dad gets it into his head to clear land.  Looks like he put in quite a bit of work on that.  Patch is investigating...,

This section uploaded 4-15-2012.
1972 Brush Clearing

This photo I took one summer day in 1970.  I climbed up as high as I could to get a good view of the valley.  This shot shows all of the Old House buildings (our name for it):  the house, smokehouse and well.  The Old Barn is still there today, but the rest of the buildings are long gone. My Great Grandmother Nancy Rebecca Mills lived here.  Grandma Floy grew up here. 1970_View from the west hill of the Old

I found this image of the Old House, taken from the road above and to the west.  This picture was probably taken in late fall.  Here is a good view of the front porch.  I think the tree on the left, a walnut is still there.

The Old House - Seen from the west side
This one is from further up the road and shows the old smoke house on the left and some of the barn in between smokehouse and the kitchen.  The kitchen on this side had two windows.  The window in the log portion was a bedroom.  The upstairs had two east and one west windows.  The tree to the right was an enormous graceful weeping willow.
The Old House - further up the road
This view is on the east side of the Old House.  The chimney was made of field stone.  You can see the cement? chinking between the logs.  The hold down at the right side of the chimney is the cellar, under the house.  There is a partial view of the back porch.  The upstairs had some sort of shingling on it.
The Old House - East side view
I took this picture from the hill across the road from the old house.  It was getting pretty deteriorated by that time.  You can see the well box is still there.
1970_Old House from across county road
Here is an enlarged view of the Old House taken from the above picture.  There is an old truck sitting at the side of the road to the left of the house.  Our dog (Patch?) is below the smokehouse, running toward the smokehouse.  A car is to the right of the house, on the county road, passing by.  The extension on the Old House is the kitchen.
Close view of Old House
This shot was take from further along on the west hill, near the tree line.  Great view from up there!
1970_ Old House fron the wst hill
A summer picture from high in the pasture of the cemetery.
1970_Cemetery from hill

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