Mills Cemetery
From Wayne, WV -
Take Route 37 East, go about 5 miles to an Ashland station
Turn right, go up Petercave Road about 1/2 mile, Turn onto "Edd's Branch"  
Go up about 3/4 mile, to the second old board barn
Turn right, go past the barn on your right, and out to the cemetery

August 2010 Mowing

2010_Cemetery Road

Dad is hard at work on the August mowing.  The many rains this summer insure that the grass grows at a great rate.

Dad mowing the front of the cemetery

Here he is, doing the outside edges.

Dad mowing

Dad mowing among the stones.

Thick mown grass on stones

This is what it looks like after the mower does its work, before Dad blows all the grass off the stones.  Too bad I don't have all this mulching material in my garden...,

Dad mowing outside fence

Outside of the cemetery needs a little trim work also.

Load tractor

All done.  Load the tractor and head for home after a strenuous day.

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