Mills Cemetery
From Wayne, WV -
Take Route 37 East, go about 5 miles to an Ashland station
Turn right, go up Petercave Road about 1/2 mile, Turn onto "Edd's Branch"  
Go up about 3/4 mile, to the second old board barn
Turn right, go past the barn, on your right, and out to the cemetery

Mills Cemetery Donations

Over the years, many of you have generously donated funds to maintain the cemetery - keep it's lush
fast-growing grass trimmed through-out the summer, occasional other maintenance such as tree-cutting
or fence fixing.  Charles Bolt (ie: Dad) does all this and will continue to do so as long as he can. 
Which may not be too long as he is slowing down a good bit.  Still, he has that manly
git-out-thare-and-mow-the-grass-down urge about once a month, in summer. 

I (Cyndi) maintain the website which is fun to do.  Maybe too much fun.  The only cost for this website is
the domain name which I have been paying for.  I host it on my business site  <> 
so no need for anything else.  It's a simple plain vanilla html-coded site with images - lots of images!

Most of you either stop by as you visit the cemetery in May or September or send a check for maintenance
funds.  It just now, this year, occurred to me to attempt to set up a convenient way for you to make your
donation online.  I've never done this before so it's a learning experience.  So here goes!

Paypal seems the simplest way to do it.  It doesn't cost you anything to send funding.  It costs a small
fee (for processing costs) for the receiver (the Cemetery). Still, it's easy.  Please, also send me an email
that you are donating so I can track funding easier.  All funds are stored in a
separate Mills Cemetery bank account.

Click the following link (Paypal) to donate - any amount you wish will be added to the cemetery fund -

and send me email at -
cyndi at cyndibolt dot com
bolt 3 at

Of course, if you want to donate the "old fashioned" way (appropriate for a cemetery), here
is our address.  Note that the PO in their un-wisdom, have Changed It!!!!   Arugggg!

374 Edds Branch Road
Wayne, WV  25570-5151

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