Mills Cemetery
From Wayne, WV -
Take Route 37 East, go about 5 miles to an Ashland station
Turn right, go up Petercave Road about 1/2 mile, Turn onto "Edd's Branch"  
Go up about 3/4 mile, to the second old board barn
Turn right, go past the barn on your right, and out to the cemetery

Mowing Schedule - 2012

Update April 4, 2012

The first complete mowing is still being planned.  Someone mowed some in the front at the gate but not elsewhere.  If anyone wants to do some work out there on grass decreasement, feel free.  Please do not remove any of the field stones.  Graves have been lost!!!, due to loose stones...,

Thro the miracle of modern photography, Dad has suddenly become Twins!!!  Well, not really.  He just moved some when I shot the pictures.  So the pan image has two of him..., 

                  inspecting cemetery





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