Mills Cemetery
From Wayne, WV -
Take Route 37 East, go about 5 miles to an Ashland station
Turn right, go up Petercave Road about 1/2 mile, Turn onto "Edd's Branch"  
Go up about 3/4 mile, to the second old board barn (the one on the right)
Turn right, off the main road, go past the barn on your right, and out to the cemetery

The road, at this writing, is in good shape.

This update is Late.  Better than none tho.

Henry Vaughn is doing most of the cemetery mowing, now that Dad can't.  He mows both the Mills Cemetery and the Vaughn-Mills cemetery in back of the Mills Cemetery.

If you want to make a donation for gas for Henry's mower, Dad will get the money to him.

We plan to be at home most of the weekend.

I've seen many cars go up (and not stop on the way back).  The road is in reasonably good shape (driveable by car).  It's getting a few minor ruts in it now.

Cyndi Bolt
Charles Bolt I

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The mailing address for us and the cemetery is:

Charles Bolt
374 Edds Branch Road
Wayne, WV 25570

Here is my email address and links to my facebook pages.  You can contact me by email or by facebook.

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  September 1972  
A look back to a September meeting, with dinner and preaching and singing and visiting.  I think I have all of them up now, that I took that day.  Mostly...

    1972 Meeting 1  
    1972 Meeting 2  
    1972 Meeting 3  
    1972 Meeting 4  
    1972 Meeting 5  

   1974 Hughes
August 2010 - A page of rare photos of the interior of the old not-extant cemetery church building taken by Sam Hughes, Troy Vaughn's nephew-in-law.

  Winter View 2006

  From the Road View - January 2010

Panoramic Views    Here are several pan views, mostly from the center of the cemetery.

Unique View   This is taken from a point of land to the south east, throough all the trees.  A view that you don't see very often.

  September 1972  |  Hughes 1974  |  From the Road 1-2010  |  Panoramic  |  Unique   |  Yesteryear 

View from west hill, about half way along the

This image is from 2014.

Turn off to cemetery

The old barn where you turn off "Edds Branch" to the cemtery.
(2013 image)

Henry and helpers, April mowing

Dad visited the cemetery in April.  Here is Henry and his mower, taking a short break from mowing.  All went well.

Dad visits the cemetery in April.

Here's Dad, cheerful to have gotten out to see the cemetery.  Wishing he could
do some of the mowing.

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As as you bid the cemetery good bye.

How to lock the gate.

How to lock the gate - wrap the chain around the post
and hitch the chain on the nail...,

Latch the chain.

and hook it through the slot on the gate.

Dead Tree

This tree, despite the green in it, is dead and needs to be removed. 
It's too large a job for Dad.  Would anyone like to undertake this?
The tree has grown up over a couple of stones and you can hardly get
to them.

Some of the grave stones are leaning this way or that.  A few need resetting real
soon now.  One or two have fallen over.  Think about bringing a shovel / resetting
equipment if you plan to visit the cemetery before long.  I don't know how you would
go about resetting a stone.  Anyone have an idea?

Dad walking

Dad on the first inspection of the cemetery of the year.

Daffodils Blooming

2013 - Here's a treat for you!  Back when the Old House still stood, there was a row of
daffodils on the west side of the house.  When Uncle Willard Stultz got in a bulldozer to build his pond (off to the left), it spread daffodil bulbs far and wide.  Since then, they spread even further. 

I hope you've enjoyed your virtual visit to the cemetery.  Come visit in person Real Soon Now.

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If you can trace any members of your family who have been buried in the Mills Cemetery, please
write me so I can make a listing of them.  Especially those whose stones are field stones.

There are also a couple of collections of old family photos on Facebook that have got underway
in the past year or so.  Eventually, I will get links to them on here.  I did say "eventually", didn't I?

A distant consin photographed all the stones in the cemetery a couple of years ago.  You can find
the pictures on  <>

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